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TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA CONCERT SCHEDULE The Trans-Siberian Orchestra was formed in 1996 by a talented and creative visionary whose vision was to create a stellar rock band that would wow the world. The group’s live performances are famous for including pyrotechnics and elaborate light shows into progressive rock concerts. Fans are never disappointed as they never cease to excite and entertain their audience with an unforgettable experience that brings the fun back into the holidays. Trans-Siberian Orchestra has been a must-see touring band for nearly two decades now, during the holiday season. You can key into this opportunity right away by purchasing a Trans-Siberian Orchestra ticket to watch a concert close to you. Trans-Siberian Orchestra isn't just an ordinary orchestra, somewhat, this star-studded group is one of the most successful progressive metal bands in the world, and they are exceptionally well-known for their grand Christmas shows. To date, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra has released six studio albums: Christmas Eve and Other Stories in 1996, The Christmas Attic (1998), Beethoven's Last Night (2000), The Lost Christmas Eve (2004), Night Castle (2009), and Letters from the Labrynth (2015). These albums are packed with awe-inspiring heavy metal and progressive rock favorites, such as "Wizards in Winter," "Christmas Canon," "Nutrocker," and "Carol of the Bells." Trans-Siberian Orchestra shows always sell out fast because no other rock band can give fans entertaining and knockout shows that they just can't get enough. If you are a true rock lover, there is just no better way to enjoy the holiday season than go on a tour to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live in action. Luckily, you can secure your ticket with the best Trans-Siberian Orchestra seating with just a few quick clicks on your computer. You can be rest assured that you will be thrilled with Christmas classics as always by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra group this holiday season—so you need not waste any time getting your Trans-Siberian Orchestra ticket this December for the best show ever! The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has sold 10 million concert tickets till now, making them one of the best-selling touring bands around. Very Few bands like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in recent times have the ability to create amazing Christmas hard rock tracks that reach such great success year after year. This holiday season, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert schedule has dozens of exciting shows scheduled in cities around the US and Canada. Music fans and Christmas enthusiasts alike are already itching to get tickets. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has shows listed in the towns like Orlando, Jacksonville, Newark, Cleveland and more. These highly anticipated holiday shows are sure to be some of the most talked about music events of the season, and now you could join in on the festivities—simply grab your Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets before its too late!